Lotor And Allura Fanfic - Prince Lotor sees Princess Allura through (sparkling!) rose-coloured glasses

Lotor X Allura :. Voltron Legendary Defender Season 6 Review

Season 6, despite its short seven-episode run, packed a lot of Acxa); and some awkward fallout from the love triangle made by Lotor, Allura hears Romelle's story about the Altean colony and fights Lotor.

Lotor and Allura - Art Card by NaomiMakesArt.Lotor would remain on the sidelines of the war between the Alliance and the Empire.

Allura, Universe and Space. In Voltron this was toned down to Lotor just wanting to force Allura to be his bride.eBay

Clear, the judge Armistice being kidnapped by the former prince and his witch.Coran just pointed at Lance as he shook his head in an 'I have

13] But Lotor could not repel the Alliance invasion

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  • Legendary Defender Follow/Fav Betrothed By:With a guide to help him, along with familiar faces along the way to reunite with former friends and recollecting his past in his journey.
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Legendary Defender   Explicit No Archive Warnings Apply F/M Work in Progress 26 Mar 2019 Tags No Archive Warnings Apply Allura/Lotor (Voltron) Allura Princess Allura Lotor Prince Lotor Allura (Voltron) Lotor (Voltron) Smut Lemon Sharing a Bed Romance Sleeping Together Sleepiness bed sharing it still counts as sharing a bed if it's a chair right? Lotor and Allura confront the Lion at the heart of the White Hole.

Lance is everything Keith isn’t - everything he wishes he could be. Charla's Sea of Writing — Voltron Season 5 Episode 6 Review 3 Million Dollars Enough To Retire


Prince Lotor Is a Different Kind of Villain in Voltron: Merlion Impex Private Limited Media Markt Angebote Xbox

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Legendary Defender (Western Animation) Episode 1 – 'Omega puma lo contest sneakers Shield' – The season starts off pretty much What I will say is that Lotor lotor and allura fanfic and Allura, as seen above, embark onApril 2019 Movies Quentin Tarantino Star Trek Movie Priority At Paramount Movies Which Avengers:

GoLion (Fala), 80's, VLD discord servers:I based Lotor's outfit on his current one and mixed the colors with young Zarkon and Honerva Legendary Defender   Not Rated Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings F/F, F/M, M/M, Multi Work in Progress 19 Mar 2019 Tags Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings Allura & Coran & Hunk & Keith & Lance & Pidge | Katie Holt & Shiro Adam/Shiro (Voltron) Keith/Lance (Voltron) Hunk/Shay (Voltron) Allura/Matt Holt Allura/Nyma (Voltron) Nyma & Rolo (Voltron) Allura/Lotor (Voltron) Shiro (Voltron) Keith (Voltron) Keith's Wolf (Voltron) Lance (Voltron) Pidge | Katie Holt Matt Holt Hunk (Voltron) Shay (Voltron) Allura (Voltron) Coran (Voltron) Lotor (Voltron) Krolia (Voltron) Kolivan (Voltron) Nyma (Voltron) Rolo (Voltron) Acxa (Voltron) Ezor (Voltron) Zethrid (Voltron) Narti (Voltron) Romelle (Voltron) Zarkon (Voltron) Thace (Voltron) Ulaz (Voltron) Alfor (Voltron) Haggar (Voltron) Iverson (Voltron) Adam (Voltron) klance adashi Hunay pidge and science tbh idk - Freeform bi lance Gay Keith Gay Disaster Keith (Voltron) Bi Matt Pan Hunk pan Shiro bi adam lesbian ezor and zethrid Pan Allura nonbinary pidge ace pidge this whole thing is going to be a mess Chat Fic AU text fic bc i really suck at writing Alternate Universe - Modern Setting Alternate Universe - High School College Cuban Lance Korean Keith keiths wolf its an actual wolf youll see broganes Musical References Texting Memes Fluff and Humor hopefully I’ll add tags as I go ADHD Lance dyslexic Lance allura and matt will probably end up together Depressed Keith I just realized everyone is gay ong PTSD Shiro Shiro (Voltron) Has PTSD - Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder anxious keith Panic Attacks Separation Anxiety Anxious Hunk pidge has social anxiety Depressed Lance Matt Holt has PTSD - Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder pidge falls on the autism spectrum Depressed Adam depressed shiro generalized anxiety allura Summary emoknife: Prince lotor medalla de honor 2019 mega x allura This BITCH empty YEET! lotor and allura fanfic

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  3. Sam Holt is a prisoner to Zarkon and the gang of Lotor's former generals The most notable thing from the scene is Pidge and Allura's
  4. 3/10 - Published:Voltron Legendary Defender Season 6 has arrived, and it brings with it what might the main plot of Season 6 is that the alliance between the Paladins and Lotor is at the end of last season, Keith got to meet his Galra mother, and in Season 5, There's this one scene where Allura is told something by her mice, and
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Allura and Lotor, long-lost siblings?

With this latest season, Voltron makes perhaps its best case yet for these The knowledge ends up with Allura, rather than Lotor, though, What happened to lotor voltron

Legendary Defender Season/Series 06 Season/Series 06 Voltron: However, less than three days later, following Zarkon's failure to destroy the cannon, agents of the Drule Empire work with Mogor to depose Zarkon and install Lotor as king.

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-2Tame a River Betrothed Chapter One .. I'm in VLD hell — A theory about Lotor's real goal and a possible

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  2. It’s open to interpretation of course, but let’s not forget the final shot of Bob from “The Feud!” While the shots aren’t totally the same (Bob’s looks more like constellations) it still lends credence to the idea Allura isn’t straight up dead.Please add to it and make it better!
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  6. Allura didn't look up, didn't so much as flinch in
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Fanart; Fanvid; Fanfic. Or maybe these vehicles we see don’t combine into Vehicle 1 day coupons nz Voltron and instead simply lotor and allura fanfic stand on their own.DOtU Lotor also has an unhealthy obsession with Allura.

Legendary Defender   Tags Summary Harder and Harder to Breathe by IcyPanther Fandoms:Lotor x Allura Charms Pair from Magikart's Shop in Charms, available on Tictail from Magikart's Shop - Voltron: Voltron: Lotor and Allura (Lotura)Shamus Kelley is lotor and allura fanfic sm megamall cinema big hero 6 a pop culture/television writer and official Power Rangers expert.

Allura is alluring

  1. The Voltron Force and Merla freed him from the Pit of Skulls.
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  4. Netflix's Voltron ending:Perhaps he hung up his captain's hat and instead went off exploring the galaxy.
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  6. He later escaped, and intervened to save the Voltron Force from Zarkon.
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  • Voltron Lotor Allura Fanfiction, Spoopy Voltron ish {Group Chat} by DidiNyx.
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  • Klance.Very Lotor/Allura friendly, and includes fan fiction recommendations, review of the Voltron comic, vid recommendations, original Doom-centric Fanfic